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Stretches For Lower Back Pain

Going back to my college exercise physiology notes, according to Exercise Experts the muscles crossing the hip joint can be viewed as guy wires, bracing the pelvis.(P.S. fig below)

Source: Health Instructor's Handbook :-Edward T. Howley & B.Don Franks

Source: Health Fitness Instructor’s Handbook
:-Edward T. Howley & B.Don Franks

Note: (Guy Wires are tensioned cables or ropes used to add stability to a free-standing structure such as utility pole, a tent, etc)

If any of these “guy wires” are too tight, the trunk musculature — regardless of how well it’s developed — may have difficulty stabilizing the position of the pelvic. Because the sacral portion of the pelvis is the foundation for the 24 vertebrae loaded on it, pelvic positioning plays a major role in the integrity of the spine.

spineand pelvis


For example, if the hip flexors such as the illiopsos are too tight, this will cause the pelvic to tilt anteriorly or forward. Contrarily, if the hip extensors such as the hamstrings are too tight this will result in a posterior or backward pelvic tilt. Thus, if either of these muscle groups are tight, the ability of the abdominal muscles to control pelvic positioning will be severely affected.

Individual who cannot control their pelvic positioning with their abdominal muscles are more prone to having low-back pain disorder; this is one of the reasons good ROM at the iliofemoral joint is of most importance.

Anterior Rotation Of Pelvis

Arrows indicating Anteriorly/Posteriorly tilting of pelvic

How to Stretch the hip flexors and hip extensors muscles
The following are just a few of the many exercises that you may perform to get rid of the tightness of your hip flexors and extensors muscles:

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