Does Medicare Pay For Chiropractic Back Pain Treatment

Based on your diagnosis, your doctor may recommend manual therapy, for your back pain. Although manual therapy is primarily performed by some health care providers, such as chiropractors, osteopathic physicians, physical therapists, and even though massage therapists may also perform some deep tissue techniques, your doctor more or less, might refer you specifically to a […]

Body Inversion May Cause An Elevation In Blood And Intraocular Pressure

For quite some time, many people have been using gravity-inversion devices such as inversion tables (ex.Teeter Hang Ups, etc)to hang in the upside-down position with the belief that this maneuver can offer relaxation, facilitate a strength-training response, or relieve lower back pain. Although it’s yet to be demonstrated that inverting the body is of any […]

Alternative Treatments That Have Been Claimed Effective for Pregnancy Back Pain/discomfort

There are several suggested alternative treatments for back pain/discomfort during pregnancy which include acupuncture, Trochanteric Belt, EA(electro-acupuncture), Acupressure, Osteopathy, McTimoney Chiropractic, TENS, Exercise, Hot Baths, PRF( Pulse Radiofrequency) and more. However, this article will be addressing specifically the following four methods: 1.McTimoney Method 2.TENS 3.Hot Baths 4.PRF – Pulse Radiofrequency McTimoney Method This method is […]