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Treating Scoliosis in Young Individuals

Scoliosis is the most common deformity of the vertebral column seen in girls that are in their puberty.
In young individuals with scoliosis(an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine) bracing is usually the chief non-operative therapy. However, for adults, most of the times they have to undergo surgery to have internal devices such as Harrington rods implanted, since bracing is rarely effective for them.

This Neo G Kids Dorsolumbar Support below, has been specifically designed for the younger wearer to assist with the recovery of muscular sprains and strains and associated inflammation or spasm by distributing pressure evenly through the spine. It’s believe that it may also helps with mild scoliosis and kyphosis by encouraging correct alignment of the dorsal and lumbar spine.



Clincher Women’s Posture Back Brace Support – Product Review

The Clincher Women’s Posture Back Brace Support — an excellent back support, designed specifically for the shape of a woman. It’s (a combination body shaper/posture enhancer/back support/tummy control). Overall, it offers protection to the lower back, while encouraging proper posture at the same time.

Constructed with high-density power mesh and vertical support element, it is designed to place emphasis primarily on spinal alignment and proper posture through the compression to the abdomen and lower back region. The adjustable shoulder straps, racer back, front hook-and-loop closure and two side-cinching straps hold the support comfortably in place, resulting in improved posture and better breathing.

It continuously promotes an erect posture, forcing the shoulders to brace backward, thus improving your overall appearance. In addition, it decreases weight bearing impact by evenly distributing body weight in lumbar spine thus reducing lumbar lordosis.

The Cincher can be worn comfortably underneath, or over your clothing. You are advised to measure hip size before ordering. A medium will fit hips measuring 34 to 38 inches. If you are under a Doctor’s supervision for any back condition, please speak with your physician, before using this brace.

This Posture/Back Support is very helpful while sitting for those long hours at work or during traveling. The Cincher also offers excellent postural support if you are an entertainer and have to stand for long hours or while engaging in physical activities at the gym or home. The Cincher is made of 75% Nylon and 25% Spandex. Please be aware that this item is not refundable once worn. As per Amazon return policy: For health and hygenic reasons personal care items are not refundable or returnable once worn. Ships in sealed clinical non-retail packaging.



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