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Angel Sales PosturePro Lumbar Support – Product Review

If you are currently in need of a  bad back office chair, you may want to try this uniquely designed back support chair. The Angel Sales PosturePro Lumbar Support offers protection and support to the lumbar region of the back. This lightweight design product supports and gently cradles your back encouraging correct posture.

It’s ergonomically designed to offer firm and comfortable support. It’s also made of a breathable mesh material that allows air flow through to keep you cool, and elastic bands that stretch to fit most standard-sized desk chairs. Many people who have used this lower back support, find it perfect for long hours of sitting, while traveling, working, watching television, sewing, making scrapbooks, reading etc.

You’ll find it ideal for the office, home, and vehicle. Overall, based on several customers’ reviews, the Angel Sales Lumbar Support is considered a worthwhile investment due to several reasons; below are some of the reasons:
1. It is comfortable
2. It is lightweight
3. It is inexpensive
4. It can be easily and quickly removed from chair to chair
5. It conforms to a wide range of backs
6. It can be adjusted up or down for a perfect fit
7. It is made of mesh fabric which allows air to flow through

Med RELAX-A BAC insert with strap – PRODUCT REVIEW

If you currently have a bad back and have to spend long hours at an office desk, needed a little more comfort while sitting at home, driving, you might want to invest in  some type of  bad back chairs. In fact, you might want to consider the Med Relax-A-BAC as one of your options.

Med RELAX-A-BAC insert with strap is considered the ideal lumbar support for lower back pain relief. It is made of molded, highly-resilient foam. This is a very special orthopedic design that relieves tension and helps keep the spine in proper alignment.

The cushion is ideal for travel, home or office use. It comes with an attractive, removable and washable cover with convenient straps that help hold the cushion in place. Note: There are different colors covers to choose from. Another remarkable design of RELAX-A- BAC is the composite insert which strengthens the cushion.

Based on feedback of several individuals who have bought and used the Med Relax-A-BAC: This back help product is inexpensive and provides excellent back support. It is designed with the appropriate firmness and also comes with side panels that offer support– the curve feels good, it’s soft and comfortable, and provides the necessary support to keep you from slumping over all day, which can lead to neck and back aches. In other words, it forced you to sit properly, allowing your spine to support the weight of your head in the correct manner.

One person mention that she was experiencing back pain due to damage discs in the lower back; however, after purchasing this product, it helps to alleviate the pain and also helps to prevent the usual hunching over when sitting. This product is said to have provided satisfying back help.

Overall, this lumbar support has gotten an average of 4 stars, for being very sturdy and comfortable for office, home, or home office. However, as far as driving is concerned, while some people agree that it provides comfort when driving, others say it’s not the best bad back car seat, due to it’s size or bulkiness. It works better in larger vehicles.

Thermacare Lower Back & Heat Wraps

Thermacare Lower Back & Heat Wraps, Large-XL, 2-Count Boxes

Thermacare Lower Back & Heat wraps are air-activated therapeutic heat wraps. This brand of heat wraps comforts and soothes the area of pain providing powerful pain relief lasting for up to 8hrs, and sometimes even longer according to some people who have been using this product.

These are three ultra-thin wraps that can be worn under your clothes without anyone even noticing. When compared to electrical heating pads, one advantage of wearing these pads is that they don’t burn sensitive skin like electrical heating pads do.

Based on the feedback from some people, they are best used when sitting down or lying. Whenever you are wearing one of these heating pads, the heat tends to get more intense if you lie on the back and also when pressure is applied to it.

The fact that these are portable and cordless heating pads, this makes them very useful, especially if you are experiencing back pain and have to do long hours of driving or commuting. You can also use them to keep you warm while skiing or participating in any other outdoor activities, during the winter. They last longer than chemical hand-warmers and tend to remain toasty even after a full day of outdoor activities in the cold.

They are also currently being used daily in conjunction with prescribed painkillers by some people for lower spinal pain due to cancer. The relief provided is believed to be adequate to allow these individuals to get out of bed to enjoy their daily normal activities.

One problem you may experience however, when wearing one of these heating pads, is that it tends to bunch up if you are unable to stay or lie still. As a result, you may have to constantly smooth it out and reposition it in order to keep the heat over the area that you want it to cover.

The Thermacare Lower Back and Heat Wraps penetrates muscles to relax them and increase circulation. With heat lasting longer than 8hrs most of the time or even longer, these heating pads can definitely  help to loosen muscle tension and relieve terrible back spasms. This product which is manufactured by Thermacare, comes in two sizes (Large – XL, 2 count boxes), and can be purchased at


Product Review – Nubax Trio

What is Nubax Tri
If you are currently thinking about investing in some sort of bad back machine or equipment,you should consider trying the Nubax Tria. This piece of bad back equipment is a relatively new portable, convenient and easy to use traction device, designed for therapeutic relief of back pain, stiffness and discomfort. It was smartly designed for either personal home use or by medical practitioners. There is nothing to plug in or assemble as you used it daily.

Production Description

  • It is portable –  lightweight (approx. 150 kg) and easy to carry around
  • Easily stored or you can just leave it out.
  • Simple and easy to use on your own.
  • Designed to allow you to have complete control, in regulating the amount of stretch or to instantly release it as you wish.
  • Made to accommodate a large variation in body shapes.

The packaging of this product is Fantastic.  It’s shipped in a box with protective packing material – a manual and a free instructional DVD  are also included.  The assembly of the product is extremely simple. As for the quality of this product, most people find it exceptional –  strong and well made. It also comes with a one year warranty.

How Does it Work
The Nubax allegedly operates on a very simple, reliable principle of leverage. By suspending your body over a common pivot point, whilst being held at either end of your back, stretch is created as gravity forces each section to move apart and around the pivot point. The two sections – one holding the waist and the other holding the shoulders – can only move as far apart as the back/spine allows, before stretch occurs.


  • With just a short exercise program of  2 to 3 minutes, it provides a static yet strong lower back traction, which gently relaxes the body with no uncomfortable after effects.
  • It holds the shoulders and hips in correct alignment.
  • When used regularly as part of an exercise program, it provides excellent maintenance for the back and spine, and helps to prevent the re-occurrence problems.
  • Nubax is suitable for treatment of a wide range of ailments.

What Others Have to Say About the Nubax Trio
Some customers who have been suffering from chronic sciatica for years as the result of double-herniated discs said this piece of equipment helps to provide some tension release, making it possible to get through a day’s work without having to suffer. The gentle stretching it provides in the lower section of the back offers immediate relief.

Others who have been experiencing stiffness and pain in the lower back around the lumbar and sciatic area due to arthritis stated that after using the Nubax twice a day for 6 minutes, it seems to help relieve the problem and reduce the need for pain relievers.

Other Supporting Evidence
The University of Western Australia, School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health,
conducted a study to determine whether the use of Nubax home traction device with a multimodal physiotherapy program including core stability exercises and low back massage is effective in managing chronic low back pain, and if benefits can be maintained with self management.

Upon completion of the study, it was found that the Nubax home traction unit was more effective than basic physiotherapy treatment alone at improving patients’ quality of life and physical function, while reducing pain and stiffness after 3 weeks of treatment

The Nubax Trio is designed to provide tremendous amount of relief for your back pain. There is one drawback however –  if you are too large in the stomach region, it takes a little more effort to work with the belt. Also, some consumers who purchase the Nubax Trio believe it is somewhat expensive but worth every penny.


Pregnancy Back Pain Relief Product Review

The Mother-To-Be Maternity Support Belt is a pregnancy support belt that all pregnant women should have in their possession to offer pregnancy back pain relief. It was designed to provide maximum support for women with strong symptoms, carrying multiples, or pre-existing back conditions. This special support belt was specifically crafted for expectant mothers to offer relief for strained muscles and ligaments and it comes with instructions that are easy to follow.
The Mother-To-Be Maternity Support Belt is a pregnancy support belt that all pregnant women should have in their possession to offer pregnancy back pain relief. It was designed to provide maximum support for women with strong symptoms, carrying multiples, or pre-existing back conditions. This special support belt was specifically crafted for expectant mothers to offer relief for strained muscles and ligaments and it comes with instructions that are easy to follow.

It is effective in transferring the weight of the abdomen to the spine, where your body is better able to accommodate it. It is made primarily of elastic material which helps to relieve pressure on the pelvis while simultaneously offering support to the abdomen. The soft, delicate, comfortable, hook-and-loop front pad provides additional lift. The reinforced, crisscross design effectively assist shoulder posture, restoring appearance and reducing back strain.

Velcro adjustments ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The Mother-to-be support belt comes in different sizes, based on pre-pregnancy dress sizes. The following sizes are available: Small (3-8), Medium (9-14), Large (15-18), X-Large (19+). Inserts can also be purchased to enhance the Mother-To-Be support belt.

The mother-to-be maternity support belt is designed with an abdominal support pad that is very soft and comfortable. The materials are so soft and comfortable that some people even say they have been wearing it on their bare skin for most of the day, and it doesn’t irritate or scratch at all. It also has a strong supportive belt that hugs your back.

The belt doesn’t roll down or fold over and really keeps it shape. The Velcro straps fit perfectly on the abdominal pad and are flat against the belly. Despite the fact that it is a strong belt, it is soft and stretches with your movements.

The tummy strap is a little thick, but still doesn’t feel uncomfortable. It will not show underneath your maternity clothes, because it hugs your body so well. The belt has little breathe strips built in, so it is really easy to wear even in the summer. It also comes with easy-to-read instructions.

Some pregnant women who have already worn the belt say it has turned out to be one of the lifesavers for pregnancy because it was the only thing that has offered relief from their horrible sciatica pain. In her own words, this is what one woman has to say about the mother-to-be support belt “This belt is on my list of must-have things anyone I know who’s pregnant and having back or sciatica issues. I highly recommend it!”

According to one pregnant female, prior to wearing the mother-to-be support belt, she was unable to walk for more than a few blocks because she was experiencing back pain, loose hips that hurt, and belly pain, due the weight of her baby.

However, after wearing that belt for a week and a half, most of the pain was gone; the back and hips felt a lot better and the belly no longer hurts! She says she even went for 3 miles walk, the longest she has been able to walk since she was about 3-4 months pregnant! One minor unfavorable finding however, is that the top and bottom edge of the belt are a little scratchy initially, but will eventually softened up after repeated wear and washings.

The positive responses say it all; the “Mother-to-be Maternity Support” belt has been offering a great deal of pregnancy back pain relief and has so far received 72 reviews. It currently sports an average of 4 stars.


Bad Back Relief –Mueller Adjustable Back Brace- Product Review

For all individuals who have been experiencing back problems, the Mueller Adjustable Back Brace can offer a degree of back pain relief. At present, it’s manufactured only in one color (black) also comes in one size, and can be purchased online at

Based on customer reviews, several persons who have actually purchased and used the mueller are satisfied with this product based on several factors, such as affordability, speed of shipping and delivery and the overall usefulness of the product. They believe the price is reasonable, when compared to the price it’s been sold for elsewhere. The delivery time was superb– less than 5 days, and as far as usefulness is concerned, they contend that it has helped tremendously with their back problems.

According to some customers, it has helped to keep them upright while standing. As far other people, in particular those who have had back/sciatic problems due to slipped disc, they say they hardly experienced any further problems ever since they started wearing this back support. When it comes to quality, I assume that everyone would like to have a product that is of high quality (ie. strong and durable) for their money!

The Mueller brace is not only well made, it also designed with additional support straps that help to make it extremely secure when performing strenuous task such as lifting heavy objects, moving furniture around the house, cleaning, gardening, playing sports or even when standing for long periods of time.

On the negative side, because it’s made of Velcro, people who suffer from arthritis or have weak fingers may find it a bit difficult to pull it apart, other than that, overall, the Mueller Adjustable is a worthwhile investment. In fact, this is one product I think all back sufferers should consider having in their possession at all times.


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