Back Stretches

Back Flexibility Stretches To Reduce  Chances And Severity Of Low Back Pain

Let’s begin by defining flexibility. What’s flexibility? Flexibility/ROM are joint specific. It’s the ability of a joint to move freely through its full ROM (Range of Motion). Wermer and Hoeger,(2000), stated that “Health-Care practitioners generally have underestimated and overlooked the contribution of good muscular flexibility to overall fitness and preventative health care.” This I have to totally agree with.

In regard to back flexibility, who knows, there might be moments when we may have to perform some form of unusual sudden strenuous movements such as twisting, turning, or some other movements which may involve the use of certain muscles of the back. However, if these muscles are not accustomed to these movements, no doubt, this may cause back injury. For this reason and more, it’s of paramount importance that we always try to improve the flexibility of our back.

Having good ROM of the back can significantly reduce the chances of low-back problem. In fact, even for anyone who already has been experiencing low-back pain, the goal of most therapeutic exercise programs is to increase ROM. The reason so much emphasis is placed on this goal, is simply because increasing ROM can play a critical role in not only reducing the severity of the problem, but also the amount of time it takes to recuperate and return to work.

Below I have provided a few back stretches that you can use to dramatically increase ROM of the back.

Caution! If at any moment during any of your stretching exercises you happen to experience an excessive amount of pain, this is an indication that the load you are placing on that muscle is simply too high and may cause injury. Remember, pain does not have to be a part of your stretching routine, so take it easy and slow.

Lower Back Stretch

lower back workout

Lower Back Stretching Exercise – Wall Extension

Lower Back Workout- Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Back Stretch

Lower Back Flexibility – Hamstring Stretch


Lower Back Flexibility – Lower Trunk Rotation


Lower Back Workout – Hip Flexor Stretch

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