The Importance of Abdominal Muscles in Relation to the Spine

Anterolateral Abdominal Muscles Importance It’s very important to note that the movements of the vertebral column are not produced exclusively by the back muscles. In fact,they are also assisted by gravity and the action of the anterolateral abdominal muscles, which include the following five muscles:     1.Transverse Abdominal 2.Rectus Abdominis 3.Internal Oblique 4.External Oblique […]

Best Mattresses For Bad Backs

We all know for sure that the best mattresses for bad backs are certainly not soft or outworn mattresses. In fact, generally, we often think of something firm, whenever we are looking for a mattress that will offer the best sleeping comfort. However, although for many years firm mattresses are commonly believed to be beneficial […]

Insulin Resistance Weight Loss To Prevent Obesity Back Pain

If you are among those females who are interested in information on insulin resistance weight loss, chances are that you are currently overweight/obese, due to a insulin resistance problem (specifically, an overproduction of insulin), and has been experiencing fertility issues and/or back pain. Because fertility issues and back pain can both create severe psychological, emotional […]