Image (95)Hi, my name is I.W. McFarlane, and I recently started blogging — actually, since 2009.  Several years ago, I had an accident which resulted in the fracture of my left femur. Unfortunately, I had to spend 3 months in the hospital in one of the most uncomfortable positions.

As I laid on by back, on that traction, the back pain I felt for the last two months was sometimes unbearable. When I was finally discharged from the hospital(with the help of God of course), I was told by my doctor that my lingering lower back pain was due to my immobility, or in other words, from me not being able to use my back muscles for those three long months. As a result, I was ordered to do several weeks of rehabilitation to strengthen, realign and improve the flexibility of my lower back.

During that period, I was also doing my own research just to see what else I could do on my own to relieve this nagging back pain that sometimes seemed as if it was going nowhere. Although it took me quite some time to get rid of the pain, I must honestly say the various stretches and back strengthening exercises really helped in the long run. (In fact, this is one of the reasons I have chosen a major in Exercise Physiology), and have even volunteered my service in a few hospital rehabilitation settings.

Presently, I am still working in a hospital rehabilitation setting — however, this ( paid 9-5 :-) ) job is my “bread and butter” — the job that takes care of the bills. Here, I have all the opportunities to observe, listen, learn, and conduct further investigation on my own.

I am not claiming to be a back pain specialist in any form, however, I do believe my knowledge in exercise physiology along with my personal experience, and all that I have so far learned through observation and intensive research, can help someone to prevent back pain, get rid of their back pain, or at least lead them in the right direction.




My first day in a Gross Anatomy Lab surrounded by human cadaver, if my memory serves me well, I think 2 or more of my classmates (females) actually passed out! Being in that Lab sometimes up until mid-night — just trying to understand/decipher the complexity of the human body — was one of the CREEPIEST things to me! The ethics (which I often recall), were laid out quite clear and simple…..See my paraphrased version below:




Yes, I was there when this exhibition came to Philadelphia — Museum of Arts! Here, I was able witness an exhibition that literally gets under everyone’s skin. You could literally hear the sound of a pin drop as everyone observes the revolutionary plastination technique used to dissect, preserve, and placed all these specimen in some amazing positions ranging from horseback riding(below),running, sitting/playing chess and other. You could clearly see all the muscles, arteries, vein, nerves, vertebrae, etc — you name it. This picture below is just a shot of the cover of one of the videos I had purchased from this amazing show. I honestly wish you were there my friends — no doubt, you would have enjoyed it too!



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