Bad Back Mattresses — How Soft is too Soft or How Firm is too Firm?

Image (95)020612_1549_0018_lslssleepIf you are currently experiencing a hard time sleeping at nights due to bad back pain and have been desperately trying to find the most perfect mattress, to help you end this constant nightly twisting, turning and discomfort, but to no avail —The reality is that, in life, due to our limited knowledge in some areas, when it comes to making certain decisions, sometimes we have to seek advice from others who have a certain level of expertise in those fields.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Mattress For You Bad Back

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When it comes to choosing a mattress for example, here are a few advice from some of the Authorities:
1.There are those who argue that hard mattresses not only cause lower back pain to get worse, they also cause sleep disturbance. Excessively soft mattresses, do not help with your back pain either, — in particular those with deformed and collapsed springs– simply because they trigger lower back pain.

2.Others say that we should not rely on brand names, because what one company presents to us as an ultra-plush might be the super-soft of another company.

3.According to one source, for proper posture, a firm mattress is very essential. Also, bed-boards, sold commercially, or devised at home, may be used with soft mattresses. The recommendation offered here is that, bed-boards, preferably should be made of 3/4inch plywood. One should also be aware that a bad mattress along with faulty sleeping position can further intensify swayback and may result not only in backache, but also in numbness, tingling, and pain in the arms and legs.

4.In reference to a study published in 2003 in the British medical journal Lancet, according to the researchers, people who suffer from lower back pain would benefit from a medium-firm mattress, based on their findings.

Several experts believe that this make a lot of sense, because if a mattress is “too firm”, it will not be able to support the body evenly and may create some discomfort at these pressure points of the body — the heaviest points (hips and shoulders). At the same token, if it’s too soft, a sleeper could sink down into it, and they would have a hard time moving, which could cause tingling, numbness, or even aches.

5. Alan Hedge, Ph.D., professor of ergonomics at Cornell University, based on his reasoning, the best mattress not only supports the spine at all levels, it also allows it to maintain its natural curve. He further argues that because the skin loses it’s elasticity as we aged(beginning at age 40),it becomes more sensitive to pressure points. As a result, a softer, more cushiony surface offers more comfort. “Slightly softer mattress works better because there’s less compression on the skin,” he concluded.

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Armed with this bit of information from these Authorities, now your next step is to but “your” bad back to rest on one of the above recommended mattresses, before you make a final purchase. Remember, all back pain are not created equally, some severe, while others less severe. Make sure you get that level of comfort you are looking for. So, one final word of advice, don’t be afraid to do the 15-minutes, in-store test.


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