Back Pain Relief Exercises – Things The Beginners Should Know

This article is especially for those who are looking to participate in back pain relief exercises to develop and strengthen their back to prevent the onset of lower back pain or to prevent it’s re-occurrence. As a beginner, there are several important things that you should be aware of before lifting weight to build and strengthen your back.

First, it’s always recommended that before you begin any exercise program that you first see a physician for clearance. Second, always avoid caution, as you can create a problem(back pain)that you were trying to avoid in the first place. There are also other things that you should know, however, in this article, I will be focusing primarily on these 4 things below, as I think they are extremely important:

  1. Repetitions
  2. Sets
  3. Rest between Sets
  4. Frequency

You should know the amount of reps and sets that you should perform each session; the rest between sets, and frequency of exercise (how often you should exercise the muscles), in order to experience the best result. For this reason, I would like to provide you with these recommendations below, based on weight training expert’s advice.


In general, this depends on which of these goals you are trying to achieve(strength, muscle size or muscle endurance). The size weight will also help to determine the amount of reps you will be able to perform. Hesson, J.L in his book entitled “Weight Training for Life“ for example, suggest the following reps for these three goals:

Muscle Strength (1-5 reps)
Muscle size(8-12 reps)
Muscle Endurance (20-50 reps)

However, when exercising the abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, forearms and calves muscles, most experienced weight trainers usually perform moderate to high reps. Since your primary goals are to strengthen and to a lesser extent develop the back muscles you don’t need to perform 20-50 reps.


When it comes to sets, again, this depends on the size weight you will be using and the number of repetitions you will be doing. Of course, if you are using a light weight(which is highly recommended for beginners), and low to moderate repetition, you will be able to do more sets before muscle fatigue sets in.Thus, the following are recommended:

Muscle Strength ( 4-8 sets)
Muscle Size (3-6 sets)
Muscle Endurance (2-4 sets)

Rest Between Sets

In regard to the time that you should rest in between sets, according to Hesson, J, the amount of rest is determined by your goal, or in other words, what you are tying to accomplish — strength, endurance, or muscle size. Below is the recommended rest time for each objective:

Muscle Strength (2-4 minutes)
Muscle Size (1-2 minutes)
Muscle Endurance (45-90 seconds)


Usually, a muscle requires a period of two to three days rest to fully recover and adopt, before it’s exercised again.

Remember these are just recommendations for beginners or the less seasoned individuals who are about to participate in any back pain relief exercises. For the more advanced lifters, or individuals who are trying to achieve other goals, their approach might be a bit different.

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