Lynx Portable Back Stretcher Review

The Lynx portable back stretcher is light, compact and easy to carry around. When it’s broken down, it measures just 20 inches by 11.5 inches. It comes with a nylon storage bag, and can be easily tucked away in your suitcase when traveling. There is an accompanying bonus tutorial DVD that provides all the necessary instructions to make sure you’re using the equipment correctly.

This product is delivered pre-assembled and it also comes with a five years manufacturer warranty. Unlike the inversion table, you are don’t have to lie in an upside down position when using the Lynx.

This back stretcher is very simple to use and provides a moderate, self-administered traction that helps to significantly realign the spine and increase total range of motion around joints. The Lynx portable back stretcher when used correctly, promotes relaxation and improves posture through better alignment of the spine. It is also effective in decompressing the vertebral discs which helps them to re-hydrate for better shock absorption and the reduction of low back pain.

Overall, the Lynx portable back stretcher is very great for lower back, by progressively stretching the tight muscles and strengthening the weak ones; however, it doesn’t work for the upper back like the full inversion table.

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