Back Problems or Discomfort – Commonly Due to Poor Posture and Body Control

Everyone should try to educate themselves on the common causes of back injuries, back problems or discomfort, and ways to prevent them, especially individuals with a history of low back pain or dysfunction, and those whose lifestyle or occupation predisposes them to trauma to structures of the back. Below are some common causes of back problems or discomfort:

  • Faulty posture
  • Experiencing  microtrauma to back structures and trunk repeatedly
  • Incorrect use of body mechanics
  • Poor flexibility of muscles and ligaments of the back and trunk
  • Weakening of the the muscles of the back and trunk
  • Decline in general physical fitness
  • Change in shape of disc that cause an impingement on nerve roots
  • Irritation of vertebral joints
  • Incorrect  lifting, pushing, pulling or carry motion
  • An accumulation of  episodes of trauma in one specific or final event (“final Straw”)
  • An increase in abdominal contents due to overweight
  • Weakening of abdominal muscles
  • Poor sleeping habits

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