Back pain and Backache – It’s difficult to Tell What Are The Exact Causes

Approximately 10% of the population consults a physician or chiropractor each year for back pain help. According to Clinical Anatomist,backache is a non-specific term used to describe back pain. Based on statistics, more than 80% of people have back pain problems during their lifetime. Low back pain which is the most common complaint, occurs typically during one thirties through their sixtieth years of life.

Back injuries occur frequently in competitive sports and in industrial and automobile accidents and can leave individuals with years of lingering back pains. However, there are many other causes of back pain. Because the anatomy of the back is so complex, and back pain stems from so many causes,a thorough knowledge of the structure and function of the back is required in order to correctly diagnose and administer the most effective back pain treatment. However,the cervical and the lumbar regions of the back are the most frequent sites of disabling pain.

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